• What happens when there is no GPS and you need to map a hiking trail, completely inaccessible to the outside world? How would it be to see beyond human perception with vision as powerful as that of an owl or precise as that of an eagle?
    Introducing, the world’s first heterogeneous sensor system with a superior stereo camera and advanced video processing capabilities for any user defined application.
    The Hawgle-i offers limitless capabilities for capturing breathtaking pictures and videos. The camera is equally effective during both day and night and can be used both in-land, at sea and in the air; in addition to being highly resistant to all types of climatic conditions – whether snow, fire or rain.

    This is the most advanced “plug and chug” technology in stereo vision, coupled with never seen before video processing technology is about to evolve! Buckle up to redefine the beauty behind those eyes!!

    Features include:

    • Composite based hardware design
    • Global Positioning System (GPS) for custom map generation
    • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with magnetic compass
    • Weather and temperature sensor
    • Biosensor
    • RTC
    • Powerful Lithium-ion Battery
    • Microphone with in-built noise cancellation filter
    • 16,32 or 64 GB microSD
    • Weatherproof and waterproof robust design

    Hawgle_i features

    User Profile:

    The Hawgle-i is for anyone with the need to collect, store and share special moments, valuable events and precise sensory-like information. It is to be used in various commercial, civilian and military applications; worldwide.